Turnstile Junkpile: About The Band

The music

Turnstile Junkpile was founded in 2010. Sounding more American than the ‘Hunters Bog’, the band members are British and live in London. From classic rock roots to the swamp-rock or alternative country this band excels in instrumental skill and harmonies. While the group remind you of several artists including ‘Kinks’, ‘Small Faces’ and Nick Lowes, they are not copying anyone, but have instead created their own own unique sound.

You may also be reminded of names like the ‘Flying Burrito Brothers’ or the ‘Byrds’ though in a contemporary version. The band is heavily influenced by rock roots, but with a contemporary sound. With their name taken from a song by Townes Van Zandt, the group puts the cards on the table from the beginning. From the country-fuelled "Time Is Running Out" to a sound more like ‘The Band’ in "Wishing Well", these songs are all first-class.



Turnstile Junkpile are a four-piece Americana outfit from London influenced by alt-country, sixties soul, southern twang, and all in music that is beautiful, and nasty, and dirty, and funky. The members of the band are:

Mat Clark

(vocals and guitars)

Ben Sumner

(pedal steel, banjo, lap steel, vocals)

Lawrence McNamara

(bass and vocals)

Dave Shaw’s


The Story

The country-blues in "How How How" with the banjo to get your feet tapping. "Zanzibar" with electric guitar, excellent drums and great harmonies is a hit. "In The Morning" returns to the acoustic sounds of folk and other Whiskeytown records. The final track " Everything is Cheaper Than It Looks" with high vocal tones and addictive cadence with an angry sweatshop energy makes you want more from this great band. Turnike Junkpile display mature musicality and high-quality lyrics that are provoking and offer a fascinating glimpse into a deep soul.

Their debut release, a seven track mini-album “Everything Is Cheaper Than It Looks” came out in June 2012 as a limited edition record (the band still think in vinyl) as well as CD and download that crosses Americana / alt-country/ rock / folk. The cover image is great, shining a light on a typical London shop from Soho’s back streets.

The band have played various of the alt-country and similar nights/venues in London - Clerkenville West, Come on Down & Meet the Folks, Bonanza, Countrier Than Thou, What's Cookin', Nashville Bablyon, The Glad in Borough, and other gigs of that ilk.


This seven track mini-album quickly attracted great reviews in the UK, Europe and the US. MOJO magazine in the UK added it to their playlist of essential new releases in October 2012. High praise has also been received from American Roots UK; Fatea Magazine UK; Independent Sky, USA; Route Americana, Spain; Hør Nä Hør Nä, Norway; Los Hijos de Bastardos de Henry Chinaski, Spain; Syncopated Sound, UK; De Krenten Uit De Pop, The Netherlands; Family Reunion Country, USA; Das Klienicum, Germany; Rootstime, Belgium; Electric Ghost, UK; Drifter Country, Netherlands; Popa’s Tunes, USA and more.